Wednesday, June 20, 2012

9th June 2012 the Arusha Roots & Shoots Monthly symposium

On 9th June 2012 the  Arusha Roots & Shoots Monthly symposium with SLOGAN: DISCOVERED POTENTIALS IN YOUTHS 

and the THEME: 
 with more than 20 students from each school, which were

Olmotonyi  Girls Seminary, Kimnyaki Secondary, Arusha Secondary, Elerai Secondary, USA-RIVER ACADEMY, and Ngarenaro secondary .

PCCB representatives were invited to address the Audience on ‘The role of youth in combating Anti-corruption in Tanzania’

 and Dr. Suma Kaare the principal from DANISH were invited to the event to address on However Public empowerment and the role of youth

  while Mr Kashinde was invited for Reproductive health and teenager Characteristics. 

However, the coordinator for Roots and shoots was present and gave stress on importance of youth to understand on the application of what they learned during the Symposium on their daily life.

 Olmotonyi  Girls Seminary - Roots and shoots members in pause at JR Institute of Information Technology

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roots&Shoots Club at Ilboru Secondary School – “Black rinos”. A very active and well organized club!

Roots&Shoots Club at Ilboru Secondary School

“Black rinos”. 

A very active and well organized club!

Last week Jane Plöchl, the volunteer of Roots&Shoots was invited by the members of the Roots&Shoots club at Ilboru Secondary school to inform the members about Roots&Shoots and the ongoing monthly activities of Roots&Shoots in Arusha.

 After a general information lecture and question and answer time, the students showed her their activities, like building up a tree nursery, cleaning the river, growing vegetables and flowering the school compound as the following pictures are showing.

" This is a good example to All the Roots and Shoots Clubs in Arusha to have their activities on their blog so as we All see how much we collectively work to accomplish our common Goal of Preserving the environment , not for today but for our future and to make this world a better place for each individual...  HONGERA 'THE BLAK RHINOS' ..."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Youth educational Symposium

the Jane Goodall Institute, Tanzania
For Wildlife Research, Conservation and Education 
P.O.Box.7418 Arusha, Tanzania Tel: +255-755-662-681 Blog:htt/

Roots & Shoots - Arusha
Youth educational Symposium
Date: April 28th, 2012
Venue: JR-Institute of Information Technology
Understanding potential values of African Women to the Environments, Animals and Human Communities, the Jane Goodall Institute in Arusha, through its youth based programme (Roots & Shoots) will conduct a one day educational symposium for 120 Roots & Shoots Girls from Arusha Secondary School, Olmotony Girls Seminary, Kaloleni Secondary, Mringa Secondary and Elerai Secondary Schools.
The main purpose of this event will be to provide them with the wide range of opportunity for them to share, practice, discover, realize, interact, exchange and experience new patterns of skills, knowledge and inspirations for them to take compassionate actions towards making meaningful differences in their native lands and communities.
It is at these events that students will be brought in face to face discussion with the qualified experts  in the field of environments, Animals, Communities according to their. Experts will present topics and advise technically on how the youth clubs can best perform activities and projects in their schools to make  their country a really better place for all living things, while inspiring to become the really citizens of tomorrow

EVENT SLOGAN: Yes. We can make it happen!

Theme: The role young African women can play to the environments, animals and human communities

Key speakers and Topics:
  1. Mr. Japhet J. Mwanang`ombe – Starting a R&S Club in the neighboring school
  2. Ms. Jane Ploechl – Global Climate change the role of African young women to mitigations
  3. Dr. Janemary Ntalwila – Natural Resources Management and the roles young women can play in conservation
  4. Dr. Lowenya Mushi – Animal Rights and how young women can help
  5. Ms. Iren Mushi – A woman living with HIV/AIDS. Her own life history and experience with her commercial sex work. 

    • Global Service Corps
    • African Wildlife Foundation
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • OIKOS East Africa
    • Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute
    • Tanzania National Parks Authority
    • National Natural History Museum
    • Municipal Education Department

Session One: Club’s projects and activities presentations, discussions, questions and answers
Session two: Mringa secondary School’s research presentation on values of Tanzanian National Parks
Session three: Experts presentations, discussion, questions and Answers